Daily Living Solutions

Howard's seeks to provide a comprehensive range of products for those with limiting physical conditions. Our aids to daily living can help provide freedom and improvement in health, safety and quality of life making those difficult tasks easier.

It is our goal to help our customers out with all their daily living aides. Commonly called MRADL (mobility related aides to daily living), these products help in your daily living and include assisting with safe bathing, getting to and from the kitchen, dressing, toileting, feeding, etc. At Howard's Medical Supply we carry some of the most innovative home mobility safety products for seniors. We are constantly looking at new suppliers who have some of the most innovative products to help those who need to get around more easily. We use two great vendors with a comprehensive range of products to meet all your mobility needs.

Howard's has an abundance of ADL's at our locations so if you have a mobility limitation, we probably have something to help you out to stay as independent as possible. Last, we also understand that most insurances do not cover ADL's. As a result, we have some very competitive prices.

Incontinent Supplies

At Howard’s Medical Supply we understand how stressful, unpleasant and intimidating incontinence can be! Fortunately incontinence products are a specialty with us, and our caring, knowledgeable and professional team is available to assist you in finding the most appropriate fit, size, and product type designed for your specific needs.

 We carry many different lines and types of products to satisfy all requirements.  Whether you are looking for high absorbency, comfort, odor protection, waist size, body type, or any other particular features, we are committed to giving you the best options to care for yourself or for someone who suffers anywhere from mild to severe incontinence.

Some of our products include:

Adult Attends
Catheters and catheter kits
Skin Care Products
And much more

Wound Care Products

Our most popular items include:

  • Bandages and dressings
  • Skin and wound closures
  • Wound care compression
  • Wound care kits and accessories
  • Wound care tape and film
  • Scar care products
  • Wound wash products
  • And much more

We also carry a complete line of products to prevent and heal pressure sores, like cushions and mattresses.


Bath Safety Supplies

Most people have no idea that the bathroom is the most dangerous room in the house. There are things to step over, it is moist with humidity, it is no wonder that even very healthy people have taken hard falls in the bathroom.

At Howard's we carry the most complete line of bath safety in the Yakima Valley. We also have the most competitive prices of any vendor in this area.

At our Yakima store how do you know if a bath seat, transfer bench, sliding transfer bench, or battery powered bath seat is right for you or your loved one? At our showroom, we will show you all of your options and help lead you in the right direction that what will be the best decision for you and your loved one.

As part of our comprehensive range of medical supplies Howard's stock a great range of bath safety supplies including:

  • Bath Benches
  • Bath Lifts
  • Bath Mats
  • Raised toilet seats (with and without bars); toilet safety frames
  • Grab Bars
  • Transfer benches (fixed, sliding, and electric)
  • Commodes (both regular, bariatric, and drop-arm)

Dressing & Personal Care Supplies

Our dressing and personal care supplies make those very day tasks that little bit easier. Take care of your appearance and improve your mobility with dressing and personal care supplies from Howard's.

For someone with limited mobility, an item as simple as a stocking donner will help someone put their socks on by themselves. An extended shoe horn (between 6-18 inches) will allow someone to put their shoes on themselves without the help of someone else. We have button aides so someone with severe arthritis who hasn't been able to have a button shirt in over a decade can now dress him/herself.

If you have a loved one that wants to be self-sufficient in dressing, talk to us. We have over 100 items in stock and a catalogue with over 1,000 more items to allow for independence.

Medical Walkers

Call about our large selection of walkers. From traditional walkers to rolling and wheeled walkers as well as folding walkers, Howard's can identify a walker to suit your needs.

At Howard's we know our walkers. We have many colors to choose from including black, silver, tan, blue, green, orange, pink and purple and more. We have generic aluminum folding, wheeled walkers, bariatric walkers, high-end European walkers and U-Step walkers for people with Parkinson's.

Every person and their needs are different. Their walkers should be different as well.

Lift Chairs

Howard's Medical has the largest selection of lift chairs in Central Washington. In our Yakima location we have over 12 different kinds of lift chairs to look at any time.

We offer rentals instead of sales. Some people are unsure if they need to purchase a lift chair. This isn't a problem. You can rent any of our chairs for $75/week or $150/month. At any time you can decide to purchase your chair and we will apply your rental purchases to the cost of the chair (offer valid only on in-stock chairs). This is also a great options for patients who need chairs for short-term solutions like hip-replacement surgeries and brief post-op hospital stays.

All of our chairs come with at least a one-year warranty (many of the higher-end chairs also have a four or even seven year warranty. If you buy online and it is under warranty, you have to do the repairs yourself. At Howard's, we will repair your chair if it is ever broken (for a warranty issue). Also, if we need to take your chair back to our store and fix it, we will give you a free loaner lift chair while your current chair is fixed. This is why to buy from your local medical supply!

We carry the Serta brand of lift chairs from Pride. This is the premier brand of lift chair on the market. The chairs are reinforced and there is not a more comfortable brand of lift chair on the market.

If you have insurance that covers lift chairs, we will bill them for you. Many insurances such as ALTC, COPES, and Medicare cover part or all of the cost of lift chairs. Furniture stores and online retailers wont bill this for you, Howard's will.

We have a lot of lift chairs:

  • Chairs as affordable as $599.99 brand new.
  • Chairs with heat and massage.
  • Chairs that offer the infinite position that actually gets the feet above the heart for people with severe edema.
  • Over thirty different color and fabric option

We are always happy to assist patients, healthcare professionals, families, and everyone who needs reliable products, courteous staff and a knowledgeable provider!

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