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We offer wheelchair sales, rentals, maintenance & accessories.

Manual Wheelchairs

Howard's is a contracted dealer with Sunrise Medical, Pride and Quantum Mobility, Invacare and many other top name suppliers so you don't have to deal with an inferior product.

The fitting of a wheelchair is half art and half science. We look at each person as an individual. Just because two people may have the same body type and diagnosis, he/she may need two different wheelchairs because their goals may be different in what they are using the wheelchair for. This is what makes Howard's unique compared to other stores. We listen to the individual, caregiver, and then coordinate with the doctor and therapists to get the right wheelchair for you.

Power Wheelchairs

Power wheelchairs enable our patients in their daily living activities. Our team members specialize in the latest insurance requirements and work with physical and occupational therapists as well as your primary physician.

Whether you are looking for just a standard wheelchair, lightweight, bariatric, power mobility, tilt-in-space, or a basic motorized scooter, make sure you have a team who will stand behind you ready to take care of you.

Wheelchair Rental & Repair

Not everyone needs a wheelchair for the rest of their lives. Sometimes you may need one for one day, a weekend or even a month. Howard's has the right wheelchair for your rental needs with very competitive prices. If someone is not going to need to propel themselves and will be pushed all day, a transport wheelchair may be the better option and are about 15 pounds lighter than a standard basic wheelchair. There are also options for standard swing-away footrests or elevating footrests depending on one's individual needs.  We will bring a rental wheelchair to your home for you.

We also have our operations staff who fix our existing chairs and can even fabricate special modifications to wheelchairs. If you need someone to change your power wheelchair battery or have a question relating to wheelchairs contact our staff today!

Wheelchair Batteries

Howard's range of state of the art electric wheelchair batteries are both durable and high performance providing the reliability you need to provide you with mobility. For scooters and power wheelchairs today, we only use deep gel cell batteries. These last the longest and if one ever needs to travel, they can be brought onto airplanes. Whether you got your chair from Howard's or another vendor, we can replace your batteries on your chair for you. We also bill insurances if your insurance originally paid for the scooter or wheelchair.

Wheelchair Cushions

Our range of wheelchair cushions provide you with both comfort and support. Cushions are vital for both comfort of the user as well as proper positioning. All cushions are made out of three materials: foam, gel or air. Many of our cushions are a combination of the three. As part of our fitting process, one of our ATP's will recommend to your provider which cushion would best fit your needs depending on size and positioning needs. Most of our cushions are provided by Comfort Company, Jay from Sunrise Medical and ROHO.

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